This page has details of projects which are ongoing or planned for the next few months
Volunteers are required for many tasks such as horticulture, gardening, restoration, general maintenance and helping out at sales. If this is of interest you and you would like to become more involved please contact the volunteer co-ordinator at the nursery and we can arrange a meeting to discuss how you could help.

  • Horticulture

    Planting bedding plants and prickling out seedlings.
    Shrub and perennial plant propagation.
    Geranium and Fuchsia cuttings.
    Preparation for sales of shrubs , prennials and bedding plants.
    Greenhouse preparation for summer putting shading in place and repair of broken panes from the winter winds.
    General Housekeeping, DIY and maintenance.
    Sorting and tidying pots into sizes.


    General maintenance to keep the track and rolling stock in good order.

  • Buildings

    Several projects to repair and replace roofs on various buildngs on site
    Building a carport to house the newly aquired van
    Ongoing woodwork repairs and replacements to doors and door frames

Still have more questions?

If you want to help please contact us for a list of jobs.