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In the 1980s a two-foot gauge railway was built on the site to help move materials. Much of the track was reclaimed from BR and other railway sites. The railway was officially opened by TV gardener Geoffrey Smith in 1988. Man power was generally used to move trucks around the site, although several diesel locomotives were also used.

opening day

The Poster is for the opening of narrow gauge railway by Geoffrey Smith in 1988

On closure much of the rolling stock, including the locomotives were sold or moved to other locations although several trucks were left in situ at Poppleton.

The railway is seen as part of the history of the site as well as being a useful transport system. We have restored several wagons, one of which had been left in the open when Jarvis closed the site. A tipper truck and a motorised trolley have been obtained on loan from the Ripon Light Railway. We also have Lister AutoTruck LoweCo.

restored truck

One of the trucks as found on the site in 2009  (above left) and in restored condition (above right)

The track has been extended as far as the site boundary at the west end of the site including a balloon loop returning next to the York-Harrogate railway line.

A model railway has been built by two volunteers to give the flavour of the Poppleton Nursery. Certain areas on the model will be recognisable to those who know the nursery, or have seen photos, but the stock is just the items the builders have available. The layout has been exhibited at several Narrow Gauge North model railway shows and was also exhibited at the 2018 National Garden Raulway Show in Peterborough and it is generally on display at the all-day plant sales.

PCRN model railway
Scene on PCRN model railway

(PDF Format, Courtesy of 16 mm Today magazine)

(PDF Format, Courtesy of The Association of 16mm Modellersof and the 16mm Today magazine)

(PDF Format, Courtesy Narrow Gauge World)