Friends of Poppleton Station

station adopter

 As part of the Poppleton Community Railway Nursery a few of us volunteer as Poppleton Station Adopters. We were encouraged by Northern Rail’s Community and Sustainability Manager to take this responsibility on from January 2017 and have planted up, watered and tidied the flower beds and planters on the station regularly with new displays for Spring and Autumn. Northern Rail paid for the plants which were grown in our nursery. We are also well on with painting the planters and erecting a sign too.

We keep an eye on the station generally, try to have paper timetables always available and report faults we find promptly. We want the station to be an inviting, attractive part of the Poppletons. Our railway station is an important gateway to a wider area for work and leisure and we are keen to develop our links with the local community.

Our friendly team have some exciting projects planned including;

  • Putting up a display of old photographs in the waiting area in association with the Poppleton History Society
  • Raising awareness of the station and rail service through our schools and local organisations
  • Installing a water butt on the platform to help with sustainable water capture (and make our job a lot easier in Summer!) and Northern have promised to help us with this
  • Creating an additional flower bed next year after the new ticket machines and CCTV equipment have been installed
  • The possibility of getting some local sponsorship to intigate bigger projects for the benefit of the Poppletons

We are only a small team now and are keen to expand so if you would like to help us with gardening—usually Thursday afternoons in the season—or enjoy event organising please get in touch.

Colin Wood
Team Leader Poppleton Station Adopter’s
01904 788847