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Maintenance and repair of the nursery’s buildings and railway is an ongoing and challenging activity. It is undertaken by a dedicated team of nursery volunteers whose task is made more difficult by the years of neglect dating from the period when the nursery was closed. Additionally, the historical interest of some of the buildings on the site requires that they be treated sympathetically when being repaired or renovated.

Examples of recent activities include making replacement doors for some of the sheds (which were beginning to show their age), building a car port, putting up a covered seating space in the garden, building two substantial compost bins, a modern toilet block and reworking an outdoor covered workspace with shelving and work benches. These sorts of activities, along with multifarious other jobs, are unceasing!

We are currently working on the construction of a new building to serve as a multi-purpose community space. This is an ambitious, and potentially expensive, project which is making steady progress. The nursery is very grateful for the financial donations which have already been received in connection with this project.

The adjacent images indicate progress with construction of the new building

Site prior to demolition
Completed base slab: June 2023
Construction well advanced: January 2024

Here are further projects where additional help will be very warmly welcomed:

Refurbishment of the old mess hut.

External painting of the storage sheds.

Internal painting of the old Potting Shed.

Minor glazing repairs.

Woodwork project to replace and extend rotten cold frames.

Tidying up of the compost heaps at the coal drops.

If you can help with any activity at the nursery, please contact the nursery in the first instance.