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Details can be found at View Sales Days.

What plants do we sell?

We have quite an eclectic mix of plants including seasonal bedding plants, herbs, vegetable seedlings, perennials and shrubs, hardy succulents and some cacti and house plants.

How do we grow them?

Plants can be propagated in a variety of ways, from seed, plug plants, cuttings or division.

At the nursery many of our annuals and perennials are grown from seed including our vegetables, tomatoes, wall flowers, marigolds and our ever popular sweet peas, which come in a mix of colours and are delightfully scented.

Bedding plants are mainly grown from bought-in plug plants that are potted-on singly or in packs (usually six per pack).

Taking cuttings is a good way to increase the number of plants for sale at the nursery. This works particularly well with shrubs such as hebes, cistus and lavender. We propagate many of our popular ranges in this way.

A lot of the clump-forming perennials, such as hostas, astilbe and primroses, can be divided up to give us a lot more plants. Often a smaller plant does better in the garden than a large one.

Our faithful members and customers often bring us surplus plants from their gardens which we can divide up or take cuttings from. Unusual plants are particularly welcome.

Hanging basket at Poppleton Community Railway Nursery

Plant sales at Poppleton Community Railway Nursery

When do we sell them?

In the New Year spring bulbs, hyacinths, snowdrops, dwarf irises and a range of daffodils are all available.

  • Over the spring and summer, we sell a wide range of common bedding plants, such as marigolds, lobelia, begonias and geraniums, as well as many herbaceous perennials, shrubs and vegetable seedlings.

  • In late spring, hanging baskets and containers filled with summer bedding plants can be ordered. You can also bring in your own basket to be re-filled at a competitive price but don’t leave it too late!

  • In the autumn we sell a small range of autumn bedding plants alongside our regular perennial, shrubs and succulents as well as a few trees!

  • Autumn is also the time to order Christmas decorations such as garlands or wreaths for either a door or a grave. They are all competitively priced.

As our greenhouses are not heated, if the plants survive at the Nursery, they will probably survive anywhere!

What else do we sell?

We sell a variety of woodwork items including bird boxes, bird tables and recycling centres for council recycling boxes.

Shortly, a range of turned woodwork items should be available.

The craft groups which meet at the nursery make a range of craft items, jewellery, cards and decorations for the home. These, together with secondhand books and railway magazines, are sold at open days.

The nursery is also home to a private cactus collection and, occasionally, some items come up for sale. When they do they disappear like hot cakes!


At present, please purchase your items using cash or cheques.

Cacti at Poppleton Community Railway Nursery